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Since a young man Greg has enjoyed teaching and coaching. When he entered the automotive industry as a shop owner at the age of 18 he was quickly frustrated with the way customers were treated and business was run. Always one to seek knowledge of a better way his journey took him through independent repair shops, high school and college classrooms, corporate offices of manufacturers and into the world of consulting.

What Greg has learned in each facet of the automotive industry he now applies to creating more profitable repair shops and higher levels of customer satisfaction for the industry. Greg is on a mission to change the way the automotive industry interacts with customers and makes money.

Greg Marchand has over 25 years of unique experience in the automotive industry. Greg designs and delivers knowledge rich service management curriculum focused on customer service and customer satisfaction for the Service Sales Academy, conducts in-shop process consultations nationwide, and is the host of Repair Shop Rescue. Greg is a former independent shop owner, Toyota Business Development Consultant, technician, and author. Greg holds an MBA in Organizational Sustainability.