Manage or own an automotive repair shop?

Our management coaching can help your
small business to:

- Make more money
- Improve shop production
- Produce measurable results!

Improve Production

 Production is where your automotive repair shop makes its money. Maximizing your production efficiency is the key to growing revenue and profit. Sounds simple, but why do so many shops fail to produce like they should? There’s a lot that goes into growing production. Scheduling, dispatch, bay efficiency, and pay plans can all affect production. Let us help you get the absolute most out of your production bays and begin making the money you always new you could!

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What You Get…


– SWOT Analysis

– Productivity Analysis and Goal Setting

 – Multi-point Inspection Process Review

– Work flow and dispatch analysis 

– Scheduling to fill the shop best practices

– Work culture analysis and improvement

– Pay plan review

– Tool and equipment review and budget planning

– Employee retention plan

– Employee work schedule review

– Quality Control Process

– Customer Referral Program

– Presentation of documented productivity plan




What does all of this cost you?

Only $1750 a month for 12 months!     ORDER NOW!!

That means that you only have to grow labor sales by less than an hour  per day to break even!