Manage or own an automotive repair shop?

Our management coaching can help your
small business to:

- Make more money
- Improve shop production
- Produce measurable results!

Make More Money

  Make more money with a lot less effort!!

An automotive repair shop is complex. Repair Shop Rescue business management consulting will help you make the most money you can. We guarantee it! We will help you make more of the money you use to run the business, pay your employees, and put in your pocket. Let us guide you to a more efficient, highly productive, customer focused and fun repair business.


We Guarantee Your Success! * 

What you get…

Month 1

– Shop Goal Worksheet and SWOT Analysis

– Repair Order Analysis/Audit

– Personnel Skill Set Analysis

– 20 Group Webinar


Month 2

– Facility and Equipment Review

– Market and Demographic Report

– Competitive Market Analysis

– Marketing Review


Month 3

– Image Evaluation

– Niche Marketing Strategy Development

– Implement Customer Referral Program

– 20 Group Webinar


Month 4

– Quality Control Process Implementation

– Shop Productivity Analysis

– Scheduling Practice Analysis

– Scheduling support best practices


Month 5

– Employee schedule analysis

– SMS Utilization Recommendations

– Work dispatch analysis

– 20 Group Webinar


Month 6

– Service Advisor Sales Skill Analysis

 – Service Advisor improvement plan

 – Pay plan analysis

– Pay plan improvement suggestions

Month 7

– Shop production goal planning session

– Shop Productivity Analysis

– Shop workflow best practices

– 20 Group Webinar


Month 8

– Measuring, monitoring, goal setting plan

– Customer Labor Sales

– Shop production

– Car Count


Month 9

– Financial Statement Analysis

– Financial Improvement Plan

– Vendor review

– 20 Group Webinar


Month 10

– Customer satisfaction process analysis

– Lost customer analysis

– Customer follow up process

– Customer rewards program


Month 11

– Tools and Equipment Recommendations

– Tools and equipment budget proposal

– Technician skill set improvement plan

– 20 Group Webinar


Month 12

– Hiring practices review

– Hiring Best Practices Implementation

– Employee Retention Program

– Marketing Plan Review


What does all of this cost you?

Only $2500 a month for 12 months!              ORDER NOW!!


That means that you only have to grow labor sales by an hour and a half per day to break even!


With our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE what do you have to lose?


* Follow our plan and if you don’t increase technician productivity an average of 0.5 hours a day for each technician we’ll refund your money!